Urgent Eye Conditions: Advice

Urgent advice

If you develop a problem with your eyes that needs urgent attention, for example, if you develop any of the following:

  • a red eye
  • a sudden change in your vision such as distortion of straight lines
  • sudden onset “floaters”, shadows or flashing lights,
  • pain or pressure in either eye,

please contact us for an appointment by telephone immediately – Do not use the online booking system.

These conditions are covered by a local NHS enhanced service scheme rather than a regular eye test. As such, there is no charge for these appointments for patients registered with an East Riding GP.

Some of the conditions that produce these symptoms may require urgent attention and we have the equipment and expertise to ensure you get the right advice. However, it is important that you are seen quickly and because of our limited opening hours, we recognise that this is not always possible. We try to respond to emails promptly but this cannot be guaranteed – if you have tried to contact us by telephone and email and not had a response within 2 hours during the normal working day, please click here for a list of alternate providers of appointments under this scheme. Alternatively, call the NHS Helpline on 111.