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Get any Second Pair of Glasses at Half Price

For a limited period, when you buy any complete new pair of glasses, you can choose a second pair at half price. Whether you would like a spare pair, a different look, designer sunglasses or a modified prescription for computer use, just choose any frame and lens combination and we will take 50% off the less expensive pair. Call and see us soon or book your appointment online. Full terms and conditions are here.

New Schedule for 2018

From January 2018, Tomlinson Opticians will no longer operate a service from individual village locations. Instead, we are now working from a permanent base at: Westfield House, The Mires North Newbald York YO43 4SE. Our full calendar, updated to take account of holidays etc. is here. We can still be contacted via our freephone number: 0800 977 5994; by email: and appointments can still be booked online - click here.

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Urgent Eye Conditions: Advice

If you develop a problem with your eyes that needs urgent attention, for example, if you develop any of the following: a red eye a sudden change in your vision such as distortion of straight lines sudden onset "floaters", shadows or flashing lights, pain or pressure in either eye, please contact us for an appointment by telephone immediately

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